About Me
Hi there! My name is Tiffany and I'm an information designer, turning data into visual narratives for a wide variety of clients.
As a data designer I've had the opportunity to collaborate with some great people, including Scientific American, Fast Company, Popular Science, and Quartz, and have worked on many different kinds of projects, from making complex processes understandable and live-charting events to telling stories with data and designing data-driven dashboards.
Originally from Bath, UK, I now reside in the beautiful state of Vermont, where I live with my husband (UK coffee tasting champion '13 and '14) and am fueled by good coffee and hiking. In 2016 my husband and I also opened our very own specialty coffee shop, Onyx Tonics, which I co-run in the little spare time I have.
Beutler Ink • Art Director
Onyx Tonics Coffee Shop • Co-owner
Malofiej Infographics Summit 2017, Silver Award: Sleeping Beauties
Information is Beautiful Awards '14, Shortlist: Aftermarket Education
Information is Beautiful: Human Cost, Silver
Visualising.org: Meteorite Challenge, Honorable Mention